Thursday, January 7, 2010


is ur system running slow?? 1 reason 4 running slow is not defraging it.then wats d solution 4 it? thinking…Auslogics Disk Defrag.Install it,u can arrange ur system data easily.HOW IT WORKS??Go to site n click on “Download it now” den u can install.Even though it works like windows defragmentation it has some more specialities.Inorder not to waste time 1 or more drives can be defragmented at a time.This type of facility no defrag tools have.Even in specified time(which v mention) automatically v can defragment i.e v can autoset.When v run d setup file d window appears with menubar,toolbar.In dis u can see drives,select any 1 from it n click on defrag.Even v can “pause,stop” vit defragmentation.If u want d system 2 shutdown after defragmentation,check “after defragmentation”.We can even arrange folders 1 by 1 with “action” in menubar.For download n other details see

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